Hi, I'm Dmitry

Full-stack web developer with a passion for UX and building products.

Vancouver, Canada and remote. He/him.


Currently, I specialize in building APIs and SPAs with rich user interfaces using TypeScript, React and Node.js. I'm interested in UX, product design and indie bootstrapping.

Recently, I've been working as a senior web developer at Inkarnate, doing crazy stuff with HTML Canvas, TypeScript and Rust to make the best online fantasy map editor for the D&D & tabletop community.

Before that, I've been freelancing and slow-traveling for 3 years to over 25 countries.

Interests in Tech

My current tech stack I'm the most productive with:

  • Frontend: TypeScript, React, Next.js, Gatsby, MobX/Redux, Rust/WebAssembly, HTML Canvas
  • HTML/CSS: responsive design, css-in-js, SCSS
  • Backend: Node, NestJS, Mongoose/Sequelize/TypeORM, Python/Flask
  • Databases: Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Firebase
  • Cloud / infrastructure: AWS S3/EC2/RDS, Docker, Ansible, Nginx, Linux administration
  • 3rd party services: Stripe, Google Analytics, Sentry, Metabase, SendGrid, Graylog

What I enjoy working on the most:

  • UI/UX/Graphical design tools
  • Dev experience & productivity tools
  • Crafting great, fast end-user UIs and UX
  • Performance, profiling & optimization
  • All things web, TypeScript, Rust/WebAssembly

Outside of Tech

Random fact: in my reckless youth, I was a graffiti artist.

I like to jam (on various drums, bass & guitar) with others, read books and go on hikes.

Also being alone in wilderness, travel light, vanlife, taking long walks, mid-day naps, cats and turkish cofee. I'm trying to keep at my QiGong practice to balance my body and mind.

Contact me

If you'd like to discuss a project, get a quote or work with me, DM me on Twitteror send me an email.

For full work experience and client testimonials, please visit my Linkedin profile.