Hi, I'm Dmitry

Full-stack web developer with a passion for UX and building products.

Vancouver, Canada and remote. He/him.

Recent Work & Projects

This is an incomplete list of products I've worked on recently.
Let's get in touch and I'll be happy to tell you more about my other past experience.


Best-in-class online fantasy maps editor, community and art platform for D&D and tabletop enthusiasts.

My roles:
full-stack web engineer, product and UX design.

Tech stack:
TypeScript, React, Rust, Rails, Postgres.

My roles

Joined the small remote team to help rewrite their core product. Worked together with stakeholders, designer, artists and a backend engineer to help craft a great user experience.

  • Co-designed and implemented the next version of the editor app
  • Helped migrating tends of thousands user accounts to the new system
  • Enabled massive company growth and set it up for new business directions
  • Worked with Early Access users group to gather feedback and improve the app
  • Implemented advanced Canvas rendering techniques and tuned client-side performance


Advanced wordcloud art generator.

My roles:
maker, product design, UX, back-end, front-end, deployment, infrastructure

Tech stack:
Node/Nest.js, TypeScript, MobX, React, Next.js, Rust, Postgres, TypeORM, AWS.

My role

It's my pet project, where I did everything myself – from product and UX design to implementing and deploying a complete SaaS product.

A few highlights:

  • Reverse-engineered a few existing solutions, figured out a good greedy algorithm to fill the shape with words
  • Efficiently implemented this algorithm in Rust / WebAssembly running in a WebWorker to keep the UI responsive.


Platform for crowdsourced ICO research (now discontinued).

My roles:
Front-end development, UX & UI design, cloud deployment.

Tech stack:
React, TypeScript, Redux, Node, AWS, MongoDB

My work

  • Collaborated with the start-up owner to design and create an MVP.
  • Led a small remote front-end team, onboarding and mentoring.
  • I was doing full-stack development as well as helping with product design, UX, API and data model.


Real-time betting exchange for mobile and web.

My roles:
Front-end development, web and react-native

Tech stack:
React, Redux, react-native

My roles

Worked full-time in a mid-size (~30 employees) London-based company as a frontend engineer, helping them scale up and migrate to a new version of their real-time web app.

A few highlights:

  • Implemented dark/light color themes for an existing large codebase
  • Significantly improved server-rendering speed and page load time
  • Closely collaborated with other teams to ship new user-facing features

Reporter Suite

A complete SaaS toolset for state and freelance court reporters in the US.

My roles:
UX design, front-end development, back-end, infrastructure and cloud deployment.

Tech stack:
React, Redux, Node.js / Express, AWS, MongoDB, Stripe API

My roles

I was hired to help rewrite an MVP with a few thousand existing users, maintain the project and extend it with many new features.


  • Took care of complete development and cloud deployment of the new platform.
  • Migrated a few thousands user accounts to the new app.
  • Added support for sharable invoice pages, with PDF generation and Stripe payments.

Open Source


Tiny library to print images to browser console. Think console.log but for images!


Python library that implements sklearn-compatible decision trees.


Python3 implementation of LambdaMART learn-to-rank algorithm.